Bunny’s First Christmas





Bunny's First Christmas

Bunny’s First Christmas











Bunny’s First Christmas

Enid Blyton

Becky Cameron

Hodder Children’s, 2022

32pp., pbk., RRP $A19.99


As Christmas approaches, most of the toys in the toyshop are excited to be going to new homes. But Bunny, the littlest one, is worried. He can’t imagine life outside the shop or without his best friend, the sailor doll. When Bunny is selected as a present to be given away at a Boxing Day party, he hopes desperately to go to kind children. Luckily, a happy surprise is in store for him!

Despite it being nearly a century since Enid Blyton was at her writing peak, her stories like this one never date – they still delight little children who revel in the magic and charm of Christmas.  That so many of her books remain in print, have been translated into 90 languages and have sold over 600 000 000 copies is testament to the quality of her stories and the pleasure they offer.  This is just one of many that have endured taking  the reader into a world where toys talk and come alive to have adventures and feelings, just as they do. Who hasn’t worried about not knowing anyone, making new friends or being left out of the fun?

A classic that deserves to be. 


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