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Far Away Granny

Far Away Granny

Far Away Granny











Far Away Granny

Harriet Cuming

Angela Perrini

Little Steps, 2022

32pp., pbk., RRP $A16.95


When Granny lives far, far away, there are lots of ways her granddaughter can keep in touch with her. But what happens when her granddaughter fantastically slips through the screen? Well, they cuddle together and eat ice cream- sometimes caramel and sometimes mint green.

Connecting with grandparents via apps like Zoom has become the norm for grandparents and grandchildren over the last few years – perhaps it was one of the few positives of COVID as we all became a bit more tech-savvy- and it’s a far cry from my 50s childhood when we waited for our grandparents to make the 17 mile trip from their town to ours because they had a car and we didn’t!! (A trip that took ages then but is nothing now as both towns are almost linked by suburban sprawl.)

But what hasn’t changed is the anticipation, excitement and love when a meeting happens and this book celebrates the connections and special bonds, regardless of the means used to make it. 

As the holiday season approaches and plans are made for family gatherings, the physical distance between the generations is often emphasised as some make plans for long-awaited visits while others realise it won’t happen so this is one to help them understand that even though they can’t be together, the love is just as strong and undiminished and there will be a real-time, real-life get together to share that ice cream.

Lots of opportunities for little ones to share their special relationships with their grandparents, the things they will do together when they do get together – and their favourite ice cream flavour!