Busy Betty

Busy Betty

Busy Betty












Busy Betty

Reese Witherspoon

Xindi Yan

Puffin, 2022

40pp., hbk., RRP $A19.99


Busy Betty has always been busy . . . even when she was just a baby!

When Betty gives Frank  the dog a big hug, she realizes he needs a bath, PRONTO! Her best friend, Mae, is coming over, and Betty can’t have the smelliest dog in the whole world! But giving Frank a bath is harder than she thought and just when everything seems impossible, with Mae’s help, Betty learns she can accomplish anything with perseverance, teamwork, and one great idea.

As a reviewer for children’s reading, I’m always wary of stories by those whose names are well-known for things other than writing stories for children – so often it is the name selling the book, rather than the quality of the story.  So it was a pleasant surprise to read a story that stands by itself and which will appeal to those who tend to get distracted easily.  Betty’s mind is always busy, with one thought leading to another and her actions following so that nothing ever gets done, or if it does, it isn’t done well.  In a time of instant gratification with the expectation that everything will be available in the flick of a click; when children’s lives seem to be so organised and busy and to sit and daydream or wonder or imagine is seen as time-wasting, this is a timely reminder that we need to learn to slow down and literally smell the roses.  To focus on one thing and enjoy the process as well as the product.  To focus to finish and enjoy the doing as much as the done.  To make and take the time to enjoy this story that moves along at break-neck speed and think about what it (and Betty) are telling us.  

Time to put the mindfulness techniques into play, breathe and enjoy. 

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