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The Great Hamster Getaway

The Great Hamster Getaway

The Great Hamster Getaway











The Great Hamster Getaway

Lou Carter

Magda Brol

Bloomsbury, 2022

32pp., pbk., RRP $A14.99


Imagine being stuck in a wire cage, riding a wheel that goes nowhere, eating food that is tasteless and having to live on wood shavings that get stuck in your toes!  No wonder Raffleton Grey was bored, dreamt of running on pebbles, splashing in the sea and going to the fair.  And so he devises a most elaborate escape plan and find himself not only outside, but in the company of Puckerford Brown, another hamster who has also escaped and is looking for adventure. 

And so they have their day out full of fun and food, but when night closes in, it is a different story…

The best thing about sharing stories with little ones is the joy in letting the words roll off your tongue, revelling in the pictures and finding out what happens in the end – and so it is with this story.  The rollicking rhyme and rhythm carry it along as Raffleten Grey plots his escape, puts it into action, and shares the most glorious day out with his new friend, and we hold our breath as the nighttime stalkers appear… 

This is the latest from the creator of both  There Is No Big Bad Wolf In This Story and There Is NO Dragon In This Story and Lou Carter has nailed creating stories that entertain and encourage children to revel in the printed word. Her ingenious plan for Raffleton Grey’s escape and then return are perfectly interpreted by Magda Brol and the whole is an engaging read with a subtle message of “be careful what you wish for” that has the happy, satisfying ending that young readers want.