Moonlight, Goodnight

Moonlight, Goodnight

Moonlight, Goodnight










Moonlight, Goodnight

Elisabeth Sophia

Katrina Jambrak

Little Steps, 2021

32pp., hbk., RRP $A28.95


Everywhere across the land, across the waters, too …
Some very sleepy creatures are waiting just for you.’

Owl follows the setting sun on a magical flight around the world as creatures on both land and sea settle down for the evening in this lyrical lullaby that eventually arrives home to wish the child goodnight.

Accompanied by rich illustrations of the vast and various landscapes in the gentle muted tones of nightfall, the child is taken on a journey that shows them everyone and everything needs to sleep as the shadow of night engulfs the world . Cleverly though, Jambrak keeps the star-filled sky the same colour throughout helping the child to understand that no matter where or who we are we all sleep under the same sky. So even if they are separated from family and friends, there is that continuity. of being wrapped in the same blanket.

A peek inside...

A peek inside.

One for little ones who are becoming aware of nighttime and the need to rest, and who need something soothing to settle them. 


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