I Have a Magic Ball

I Have a Magic Ball

I Have a Magic Ball










I Have a Magic Ball

Nisrine El-Choueifati

Amy Calautti

Little Steps, 2021

32pp., pbk., RRP $A19.95


“Grab a ball that’s boring, find a ball that’s plain, please grab a ball so you can play this game …’”

The concept of a magic ball has been one that has fascinated for centuries and this book invites young readers to find balls in their lives and imagine what they could become or do or… From snowballs to fireballs, there are so many different sphere shaped objects in our lives and each has a story to tell about how it became or what it might become.

Designed to encourage children to use their imagination and think about the what-ifs and what-might-bes , it has the potential to be the story starter for many wondrous tales, limited only by the storyteller’s power to imagine. Even sitting in a circle with just one ball, perhaps a balloon, with each child offering something before 1-2-3 CHANGE…

Something different for our youngest readers to help them understand they can be story makers as well as takers.



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