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I Think That It’s a Monster

I Think That It’s a Monster

I Think That It’s a Monster












I Think That It’s a Monster

Steven Krygger

Andrew McIntosh

Little Steps, 2021

32pp., hbk., RRP $A24.95


The little boy is looking for a monster, and although several candidates appearing from the ocean, high in the trees and even the depths of the forest, none of them meet the boy’s criteria.  Physically they each meet the physical characteristics of a monster…

It’s tall and thin and dark

It’s standing on its hands

and its face looks like a shark!

Its legs are long and skinny

it has a million toes

its mooing and meowing

and dripping from the nose.

but the boy has his own definition and within it is a lesson for all of us who might view strange creatures or those who look a bit different with suspicion There is a lot of truth in the old axiom about judging a book by its cover, the meaning of which is itself an opportunity for discussion by older students.   

Told in rhyme accompanied by digital illustrations that give the story the feel of a computer game (the illustrator specialises in pixel art, 3D modelling and UI design, giving it a modern appearance that will appeal to young readers, this is a story for the ages that can offer reassurance to both children and monsters alike!