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My Dad Thinks He’s Super Funny

My Dad Thinks He's Super Funny

My Dad Thinks He’s Super Funny











My Dad Thinks He’s Super Funny

Katrina Germein

Tom Jellett

Walker, 2021

32pp., hbk., RRP $A24.99


When is a joke a Dad joke? When it’s fully groan. When someone rolls their eyes at Dad, he just rolls them back. My dad thinks he’s super funny. In this follow up to the bestselling My Dad Thinks He’s Funny and My Dad Still Thinks He’s Funny, Dad is up to it again. His audience has grown by one, and family life continues to provide an endless supply of fresh and brilliant comedic material for Dad. At least he seems to think so.

Dad doesn’t limit himself to just telling dad-jokes on Father’s Day-no family member or situation is off limits with this dad who seems to have more dad jokes than there are dads and whether they make you laugh or cringe, each page will bring a smile. And while it is just a fun story on its own, it is also an opportunity to look at humour itself – what makes us laugh, the nature and structure of puns and perhaps even the importance of laughter itself, especially during this tough time.  Humour is as diverse as the population and just as personal, but everyone will find something somewhere in this book to make them LOL or just cringe.