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Florence and Fox

Florence and Fox

Florence and Fox










Florence and Fox

Zanni Louise

Anna Pignataro

Walker, 2021 

32pp., hbk., RRP $A25.99


When Fox uses Florence’s hammer, she gets cross with him saying that he can’t borrow it because “Today is not Sharing Day.” In fact, Sharing Day is not for hundreds of days so Fox will just have to wait.

Fox is bewildered because he has never heard of Sharing Day but he doesn’t say anything.  That afternoon, however, as they play in the sandpit, Florence asks Fox if she can borrow his bucket. Fox reminds her it is not Sharing Day but after some thought Florence says that sometimes it okay to share even if it is not Sharing Day.  Will Fox share or will he stick to the rules?

This is a story for young readers who are learning to share their things and who can sometime be temperamental about it.  Told in authentic child-like language it is almost like eavesdropping on a conversation, one which nearly every adult will have overheard in some form over time, and Anna Pignataro’s illustrations with their naïve elements are the perfect accompaniment. 

A great opportunity to open up a discussion about sharing, something little ones find so hard to do.