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The Don’t Panic Gang!

The Don't Panic Gang!

The Don’t Panic Gang!











The Don’t Panic Gang!

Mark Sperring

Sarah Warburton

Bloomsbury, 2021

32pp., pbk., RRP $A12.99



The Don’t Panic Gang is a top secret organisation, comprising a doughnut-loving cat, a little blue bird and an unassuming window-box worm

But when they get a call that there is something SCARY lurking in the bathroom, something HUGE and HAIRY they become Sumo Cat, Ninja Bird and King-Fu Worm  and leap into action, donning their superhero costumes, clambering over rooftops, leaping off buildings and scaling walls  to reach the caller zippity quick.
.  But all is not what it seems…

This is a fast-paced action story that young readers will enjoy because it mirrors much of what they like to view on their screens. Bright, sketchy illustrations contain a wealth of amusing detail, and the various layouts , the changes in font and cartoon like style convey the action as effectively as any animation. 

Something to read and enjoy just for the joy of it.