100 Things to Know about Saving the Planet

100 Things to Know about Saving the Planet

100 Things to Know about Saving the Planet











100 Things to Know about Saving the Planet

Usborne, 2020

128pp., hbk., RRP $A19.99


There has been a plethora of books about how individuals can save this planet recently and so adding another to the mix seems almost superfluous.

However, this one is for slightly older readers who have a broader perspective than just the regular reducing, reusing, recycling of household goods and changing personal practices.  It’s cover is intriguing with statements such as “recycled jeans can keep houses warm’ and “eating less beef saves water” so the reader is enticed to look inside to discover more.

And inside are even more intriguing tidbits set out in a colourful appealing way that make a provocative statement followed by an easily accessible explanation. How could plastic-eating bacteria help reduce waste? Can a river be given human rights? Could we generate all the power we need from the sun and the wind? How do woolly sweaters help penguins in peril? Would building a giant sunshade in space stop the world from overheating?

A peek inside...

A peek inside…

The environment and its sustainability permeate our lives in a way that makes even the youngest reader aware of the consequences of their actions so books like these that open up new ideas such as joining a jeans library so fewer pairs have to be made or knowing that making one hamburger actually uses more water than a person drinks in three years are an integral part of our understanding and actions.  While each article offers its explanation, there is scope for an interested student to engage in a deeper investigation to explore, expand and explain the particular phenomenon.  

As well as all the usual supports for locating, selecting and using the information, there are also the popular Quicklinks that take the reader beyond the text to new knowledge.

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