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Aussie Kids series

Aussie Kids

Aussie Kids











Meet Dooley on the Farm 

Sally Odgers 

Christina Booth


Meet Matilda at the Festival

Jacqueline de Rose Ahern

Tania McCartney


Puffin Books, 2020

64pp., pbk., RRP $A12.99

These are the final two books in this series first launched in February, and continuing in April and September, meaning newly independent readers can complete reading about this diverse group of kids within the year.  Featuring a story from each state or territory, readers have journeyed around the country learning about its diversity through the children and their adventures.  In these final two, Dooley’s cousin is coming to visit him on his farm in Tasmania where they are planning to sleep out in the barn,  and Matilda takes us to a festival at the Japanese embassy in Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory as she bids farewell to her special friend Hansuke is returning home with his family.

At a time when travel between the states and territories has been all but impossible, this series has allowed young readers to visit various parts of the country from the comfort of their favourite place to read enjoying stories about kids just like them specially written and illustrated by leading Australian creators for those who have new skills they need to consolidate.

This is a unique series which lends itself to all sorts of activities and with all eight now available, there is scope for each student to individualise their learning by choosing the one that resonates with them the most.