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The World’s Worst Parents

The World's Worst Parents

The World’s Worst Parents









The World’s Worst Parents

David Walliams

Tony Ross

HarperCollins, 2020

312pp., pbk., RRP $A24.99


In a time when everyone, especially our kids, need some light and bright and fun, this new release of 10 stories about embarrassing parents is very timely.

Walliams and Ross have collaborated again to develop and draw characters that so many kids can relate to – parents who just make you cringe with their words and actions and philosophies. Instead of just blending in with the other children, these kids’ parents make them stand out  and for all the wrong reasons.  Pinch your nose for Peter Pong, the man with the stinkiest feet in the world… jump out of the way of Harriet Hurry, the fastest mum on two wheels… watch out for Monty Monopolize, the dad who takes all his kids’ toys… and oh no, it’s Supermum! Brandishing a toilet brush, a mop and a very bad homemade outfit…

Walliams launched this series in 2016 with The World’s Worst Children. and two further volumes followed in 2017 and 2018.  The World’s Worst Teachers joined the collection in 2019 so this is an established series that has been entertaining children for some years now, once again combining Walliam’s zany humour with Ross’s wacky illustrations. 

Written during the UK lockdown with the explicit purpose of putting a smile on the face of our children, Walliams and Ross have nailed it.