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Bumblebunnies (series)

Bumblebunnies (series)

Bumblebunnies (series)

BumbleBunnies (series)

Graeme Base

Angus & Robertson, 2020

24pp., hbk., RRP $A16.99

The Pond


The Sock


The Gate 


The Balloon


This is a new series by the amazing Graeme Base, written for our earliest readers. Featuring some superhero bunnies , who generally reside in their hutch looking like ordinary white rabbits, and the Wuffle the dog, Lou the cat and Billington the duck, Base uses  simple text and his exquisite detailed artwork to bring everyday incidents to life in story. When Wuffle, Lou and Billington are confronted by situations they can’t handle, the superhero bunnies morph into bees and use their intelligence and unique skills to get the heroes out of potentially dangerous situations.

Apart from being entertaining stories in themselves, the nature of series means that even little ones can learn about each character and carry what they know of them over to the next book.  They will delight in helping the BumbleBunnies choose what is needed for each situation, giving them a sense of power over the words that most stories don’t have, and suggesting the ways that the BumbleBunnies can each use their skills to rescue the situation.

While this is quite a departure from his works for older children, nevertheless, Base’s attention to detail in the illustrations makes them so rich that they demand to be read over and over again with something new to discover each time.