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The Suzie K Diaries (series)

The Suzie K Diaries

The Suzie K Diaries










The Suzie K Diaries

Show Stopper


Happy Camper


Susie K likes science instead of netball and has the class goldfish for a best friend. But Susie’s mum finds it hard to believe that she’s happy that way. She’s constantly trying to push Susie (with the best of intentions, of course!) to be something she’s not. And the last thing Susie wants is to disappoint her mum…

In these two new releases in this series her mum again puts her into situations that are unfamiliar to her.  In Happy Camper Susie’s mum is overjoyed about the upcoming camping trip… only Susie doesn’t know the first thing about outdoor survival. But rather than disappoint her mum, she goes and just uses her logical brain to solve the problems that arise using her forumla of 

  1. Identifying the problem
  2. Analysing the problem
  3. Finding a solution
  4. testing the solution

Similarly, in Show Stopper  her mum is convinced that Susie will be the star of the school talent quest, even though public performance is the thing that sends shudders up Susie’s spine.

This is a  series that supports newly-independent readers with its graphic-novel type format as many of Susie’s thoughts  and conversations are in a cartoon-like style that not only moves the action along but adds greater depth to Susie’s character as she works her way through the issues.  Many girls will see themselves in Susie’s shoes, if not with the family background but definitely with the problems she has and they will gain insight and perhaps hope that with some lateral thinking, there isn’t anything that can’t be negotiated or solved – without a parent interfering, even though it is the parent’s ambition that is causing the problem! 

A read-alone rather than a read-aloud, this is an intriguing new series that deserves a place in your collection.


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