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What Should a Horse Say?

What Should a Horse Say?

What Should a Horse Say?









What Should a Horse Say?

Fleur McDonald

Annie White

New Frontier, 2018

32pp., hbk., RRP $A24.99


On her farm, Farmer Rochelle has all the animals you would expect find there.

She has a cow who says “moo moo”, a sheep who says “baa baa” and a horse who says “chick chick”.

“Chick chick?”

She really doesn’t think much about it until neighbouring Farmer Hayden brings her a box of chickens that also say “chick chick”. That leaves her confused so she starts asking all her friends, “What should a horse say?” While they can help her with dogs who say “woof woof”, cats who say “meow meow” and even a cockatoo who says, “Can I have another piece of chocolate? Squark”, none of them can tell her what a horse says.  And so Farmer Rochelle calls Dr Swan the vet. Can he work out this mystery?

Little ones will not only love joining in with all the animal noises that are repeated several times in the story, but they will also love knowing that they know more than Farmer Rochelle and all her friends.  They would be able to tell her what a horse says, if she had asked them! Perfect for helping them feel they can be in charge and this reading thing is something they can do!