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Richard Scarry’s Best Treasury Ever

Richard Scarry's Best Treasury Ever

Richard Scarry’s Best Treasury Ever











Richard Scarry’s Best Treasury Ever

Richard Scarry

HarperCollins, 2017

232pp., hbk., RRP SA35.00


There are few children who have not read a Richard Scarry book in their early childhood and now five of his most popular stories have been collected together in one volume.  Featuring Great Big Mystery Book, Busiest People Ever, Great Big Schoolhouse, Cars and Trucks and Things that Go, and Best Lowly Worm Book Ever, each with several complete stories this is packed with entertainment and bedtime reading that will intrigue and engage for a long time.

As Scarry says, “I’m not interested in creating a book that is read once and then placed on the shelf and forgotten.  I am very happy when people have worn out my books or that they’re held together by Scotch Tape”, so his signature presentation of multiple vignettes interspersed with minimal but entertaining text ensures that the young reader will discover something new each time as they return again and again.

Scarry has been a staple in the preschool library for 55 years – and with this collection he is set to entertain and educate another new generation.