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I’ll Love You Always

I'll Love You Always

I’ll Love You Always








I’ll Love You Always

Mark Sperring

Alison Brown

Bloomsbury, 2018

32pp., board book, RRP $A13.99


How long will I love you?
A second is too short.
A second is no time
for a love of this sort.

A minute is no better,
for minutes fly by!
They’re gone in a moment
like a sweet butterfly.

Moving through the day, the seasons and then the years, this is a charming tale that would make the perfect gift for new parents who want something special to welcome a new child and use as a lilting lullaby over those early months.  While it features Mother Mouse and her baby in gorgeous full-colour illustrations that change with the time, it is perfect for little ones or even bigger ones who want to declare their love.