Little Mouse’s Big Breakfast

Little Mouse's Big Breakfast

Little Mouse’s Big Breakfast









Little Mouse’s Big Breakfast

Christine Pym

Nosy Crow, 2016

32pp., hbk., RRP $A24.99


Dusk on a cold winter’s day and Little Mouse realises he has nothing for his breakfast the next morning.  There is nothing nearby for him – no seeds or berries as winter has taken its toll on the landscape. But he knows just where to go.  Even though it involves an arduous journey along the path, up the drainpipe and through the window to the house’s kitchen, he knows there will be delicious things there.  And so there are – a bright blueberry, a rosy red apple, big brown biscuits and a whole lot more.  Our eyes are always bigger than our tummies when we are hungry and so are Little Mouse’s so he balances everything precariously so he can have it all. Just as he is leaving he spots his favourite treat – a stripy sunflower seed so he just has to have that too!

But he forgets that Cat is also looking for breakfast and Cat’s favourite is Mouse!

This is a charming story that explores the notion of being satisfied with what we have and not being greedy which has one of those uh-oh endings that little people love.  They will have fun predicting what might happen next!  With its muted palette, it has a retro feel about it both in appearance and storyline.  It is fresh and funny and I can hear the children’s reactions as Little Mouse’s pile grows higher and the shadow of Cat looms – s sure sign of a winner.

Perfect for sharing with little ones and recommending to their parents.  Check out the preview . 


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