The Truth According to Arthur

The Truth According to Arthur

The Truth According to Arthur










The Truth According to Arthur

Tim Hopgood

David Tazzyman

Bloomsbury, 2016

32pp., pbk., RRP $A14.99


What do you do when you know you’ve done the wrong thing and you know you’re going to be in BIG TROUBLE when mum finds out?

Arthur has ridden his big brother’s bike, which he knows he not allowed to do, and he’s bumped into his mother’s car and left a big blue mark on it.  He and Truth are not best buddies right now because he is afraid of what will happen when his mum finds out.  So when his friend Noah asks him what happened, Arthur bends Truth just a little.  Noah tells him he thinks Arthur’s mum will be really cross which is not what Arthur wants to hear so when his friend Lula asked him, he stretches Truth instead.  But that didn’t work either so he tries covering Truth up, disguising it, even hiding it – but no matter what he did, Truth just kept popping up in his face.  Even ignoring it wasn’t very successful – and then Arthur hears his mum calling him!  Uh-oh!

We know little children tend to fib because they are afraid of the consequences of their actions but often the fibs get them into more strife.  This is a fresh look at this common predicament that will help Arthur and the children understand that no matter what they try to do, Truth is going to pop up anyway and often telling the truth immediately and taking responsibility is much more rewarding.  The torment of having the lie discovered is not worth the agony of waiting for it to be so.

With its distinctive illustrations and close-to-home storyline, young children will relate to this tale very well. Before the ending is revealed –will Arthur tell the truth or not – the reader is asked to predict what Arthur will do and then challenged to consider what they would do so it offers a superb opportunity to reflect and discuss both options and consequences. A unique book with lots of scope to delve deeper.

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