Are you sitting comfortably?

Are you sitting comfortably?

  Are you sitting comfortably?










Are you sitting comfortably?

Leigh Hodgkinson

Bloomsbury, 2016

32pp., hbk. RRP $A25.99


Hello there!

Are you sitting comfortably?

Are you sure?

Have you found the perfect snuggle-up-and-lose-yourself-in-a-book place?

Or is it buzz-buzzy, or growly, itchy, fuzzy? Perhaps there are hoots or giant stomping boots or maybe even…it’s hot, cold or up a tree!  The little chap in this book is not doing so well in finding the perfect place to sit and read his book, which is all he wants to do, but in the end he discovers it doesn’t really matter where you sit, there is something much more important!

This is a delightful story that will charm young readers with its rhyming language that is so much fun on the tongue and quirky pictures that are so critical to the text.  The range of chairs and their ‘accompaniments’ will spark their imagination and there is such scope for talking about what different sorts of chairs might attract as well as favourite places to read.  Having the children then draw a chair, decorate it and talk about who might also like it would be a great extension activity offering personal input and ownership that would make this more than a one-off read.  Or perhaps a chair is not their favourite spot to read.  Have them talk to you about where is and maybe bring in a photo of them in their special spot. Seeing others read always validates the time they spend doing it.

And really, what could be more important than a comfy place to read your book?  The answer will spark even more discussions about reading and the magic it provides.

The author was the art director on the popular Charlie and Lola series and her eye for design, detail, pattern and colour shines through in every picture.  It is easy to see that she had the illustrations in her mind’s eye as she crafted the text, such is the seamless marriage between the two.

The muted palette of its cover might not catch the eye but open it up and there’s a magical world in there! Perfect for busy teacher librarians who want to know a little more about those in their care.

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