Snow Bunny’s Christmas Gift

Snow Bunny's Christmas Gift

Snow Bunny’s Christmas Gift









Snow Bunny’s Christmas Gift

Rebecca Harry

Nosy Crow, 2015

24pp., hbk., RRP $A19.99


One snowy morning just before Christmas, Snow Bunny is playing with her friends in the forest.  But each time they decided on a new thing to do, one by one the friends head for home as the cold creeps in and they would rather be indoors.  Soon Snow Bunny is left with on her own and as she ponders what she will do she spies a shiny coin in the snow.  That giver an idea and she hurries off to Mr Badger’s shop to buy something special.  And that night in her cosy cottage she works on something that will be just perfect for her friends.

Very young children will love this gentle story, illustrated in the softest colours and tinged with sparkly silver to really bring it to life.  With its strong message about the value of friendship and giving rather than receiving, it’s a lovely way to reflect on the true spirit of the Christmas season.

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