I Want My Daddy

I Want My Daddy

I Want My Daddy










I Want My Daddy!

Tracey Corderoy

Alison Edgson

Little Tiger Press, 2015

32pp., pbk., RRP $A14.99



Sometimes when you have a really bad day, like the days when you’re a knight and your castle falls down, you just need your daddy.  And when your daddy is a knight too and has a special pot of castle glue it’s even better.  Or when you fall off your valiant steed and hurt yourself, daddies are the best. Or there is something on the end of your fishing line and you are sure it’s a monster…

This is a charming story for the very young about that special relationship that they have with their daddies that is heart-warming and reaffirming.  Soft but bright illustrations exude love and the bond between Arthur and his daddy comes alive.  A great read-aloud to recommend to families for special times between father and child or just for reflecting on the love between them.

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