I wanna be a great big dinosaur

I wanna be a great big dinosaur

I wanna be a great big dinosaur








I wanna be a great big dinosaur

Heath McKenzie

Scholastic Australia, 2015

Hbk., 32pp., RRP $A16.99


 What little person doesn’t dream of being a great, BIG dinosaur? This little boy can think of nothing better as he parades around in his dinosaur mask and dinosaur tail.  And when a dinosaur comes along to teach all he needs to do like being able to R-O-A-R  and stomp then he’s in seventh heaven.  But things change when he discovers he needs to eat lots of meat!

“Lots and lots of meat?  Just MEAT?”

“Of course! What else is there?”

What, indeed!  And suddenly the dinosaur finds himself in the world of the little boy and a host of culinary delights as well as other little-boy pursuits like reading, playing soccer, and playing video games.

Heath McKenzie has crafted a charming story that will appeal to very young readers and the twist in the ending will leave them laughing and wanting to read it again. But first they need to examine the endpapers – so much fun.  I believe that you can tell when an author and illustrator have had fun creating their characters and bringing them to life, and this feeling permeates this book.  McKenzie talks about its evolution beginning as a sequel to I wanna be a pretty princess but taking a life if its own with the characters appearing fully formed on his blank page. 


A joyful read.

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