Baby Bilby’s Question

Baby Bilby's Question

Baby Bilby’s Question










Baby Bilby’s Question

Sally Morgan

Adele Jaunn

Little Hare, 2012.

hbk., RRP $A24.95


Remember when you asked your mum how much she loved you, she said, ‘I’ll love you to the moon and back?’ In this gorgeous book by Sally Morgan and Adele Jaunn, Baby Bilby asks his dad the same question and the response is a unique exploration of Australian fauna and the amazing feats they might perform. ‘I will love you until a crow catches a falling star’, is just an example. Whether it’s kangaroo kissing a koala or a platypus playing with a porpoise, the effect is the same – there is a feeling that this little baby bilby will be loved forever, and there’s a certain reassurance about that.

This book works on so many levels – the story, the message, the humour, the illustrations and the rhythm of the language make it a brilliant read-aloud while, at the same time it introduces the child to some of the amazing animals that are part of our landscape and culture. Slightly older readers might like to invent their own responses and draw these, while the alliteration could provide an introduction to this grammatical feature for those just a bit older again.

But, above all, there’s this warm, snuggly, secure feeling of being loved.

I will love this book until an echidna eats an eggplant!

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