Max & George

Max & George







Max & George

Cori Brooke & Sue deGennaro

Penguin/Viking 2013

hbk., col.ill., $A24.99


Max was never lonely.  As long as there was a window, he had a friend because George lived in windows. No matter where the window was, Max could see George and he spent a long time looking at him. Because they were very similar – same height, same clothes, and whenever Max moved, so did George. They even shared the same feelings. But then the time comes for Max to start school. And he’s nervous.  Even though George was there in the school window, Max’s teacher made him sit where he couldn’t see him. Will Max find the confidence to leave George and make a real friend?

This is a delightful book, perfect for the child about to start school and finding it hard to let go of what is known and take the leap into the unknown. With its charming illustrations, it will appeal to all children – those who are like Max and empathise with him, and those like Sam who are a bit more confident and can reassure him.  Tip for parents- teach your child a joke before they leave …




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