The Great Pet Plan

The Great Pet Plan

The Great Pet Plan









Juliet Nearly a Vet: The Great Pet Plan

Rebecca Johnson

Kyla May

Penguin 2013

pbk., 86pp., RRP $A7.99


Juliet and her best friend Chelsea love animals, and Juliet KNOWs she will be a vet.  Problem is, she’s only ten years old so she has a bit of time before she can go to university and start the study.  But she’s getting a head start by helping her mum in her veterinary practice, keeping her vet diary meticulously and making sure her emergency kit is always on hand. Chelsea is also an animal fanatic but her dream is to be a world famous trainer and groomer.  However, their opportunities to practise become somewhat limited when their parents say , “No more pets”.  That is, until they see the local pet motel has closed down and people will have nowhere to leave their animals, and Juliet has a brainwave…

This is the first in a new series of books that will be loved by young girls who love animals. The combination of strong, independent girls who are “clever, almost grownups” and animals mixed with a touch of humour is  unbeatable. It’s written by Rebecca Johnson who is the author of so many of those delightful junior non-fiction titles photographed and published by Steve Parish, and illustrated with cute pictures by Kyla May.  Interspersed throughout are excerpts from Juliet’s vet diary which actually include some interesting facts such as roosters only crow when they see light.  There’s also a quiz at the end of the book that enhances the learning.

There are four books in the series so far (at the Show, Bush Baby Rescue and Farm friends are the others) and they are available in ebook format as well.  Winter was invented so that we could all experience the pleasure of snuggling up with a book, and this is a perfect starter for the newly independent reader.


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